What to do during spring clean

What to do

In the previous posts, we have given you some ideas how to organise your spring cleaning as well as arranging your closet. Today, on the official day of the spring, we will give you some points of what needs to be done during a spring clean. Together with dusting and wiping off the whole house, here are some cleaning routines you do not need to miss.

Washing the windows

One of the most tiresome chores during spring cleaning undoubtedly is washing the windows. Tedious, intensive labour and time consuming, washing windows often stay in the background because of the unpleasant character, especially when the house is with French windows, modern “glass” wall or with a conservatory. Here are some tricks and hints that will make this task easier.
Some experts recommend washing the windows in a mild overcast weather. When the weather is sunny, the windows dry faster and often remain water traces. Moreover, when the sun shines, there is a chance not to see any stains on the windows. You can clean your windows by hand or with a long brush with rubber on the other side. Both ways are effective and have their advantages.

  • By hand

You can trust the old-fashioned and tested method for cleaning windows with a cloth. The best it can be made of soft cloth, such as microfiber, so there is no danger of smearing the glass. For more shine, some housewives add a few drops of vinegar.
Others wash the windows with clear water and a newspaper. To do this, first, wipe the windows with a wet cloth to remove any accumulated dust. Then change the water and re-wash the windows, and finally wipe them with a newspaper. Why is newspaper so efficient? The reason is that newspaper ink contains substances that add more lustre to the glass.

  • By a stick with a brush on one side and rubber on the other side

With this method cleaning windows becomes significantly faster, but if the rubber is slightly worn, might inadvertently blur them. Moreover, a common issue is that the water from the rubber begins to flow down the windows and can damage the floor or the walls. Make sure you have covered them just in case.

Wash the curtains

Some housewives try to save effort as only washing the windows without taking the curtains down. It is pointless, as the dusty curtains will only disfigure the clean windows. Remove your curtains and if they are suitable you can machine-wash them in, preferably at a low temperature and delicate cycle. After you clean the windows, put back the freshly washed curtains immediately after washing and you will save yourself some ironing. If they are made from a delicate material (you can always check out the label), find a good dry cleaner you can trust.

Sanitise the carpets and upholstered furnitureCarpet cleaning

Carpets and upholstery at home are one of the favourite décor items of most of us. They bring a feeling of cosiness, individuality, and usually become the focal point of the room. However, they need a constant keep up. For a renewed shine and prolonged life of your carpets and rugs, upholstered furniture and mattresses you should have them professionally cleaned at least once a year. And spring cleaning is the ideal time to do it. Especially if you would like to get rid of the dust, bacteria, germs and unpleasant odours accumulated during the winter season. If you plan just to vacuum the carpets and the upholstery, have in mind that this way you clean just the surface and not in-depth. For a brighter and fresher outlook, after vacuuming you can clean them with a soft brush and warm water.

Clean the cabinetssparkle clean Harrow

Pay attention to the cabinets in the bathroom and the kitchen. Make sure you dispose of all products that are already expired- cosmetics, medicines, condiments, packed foods, etc.

Fridge and freezer cleaning

After defrosting it, wipe the shelves with cotton cloth paying particular attention to the corners where mould tends to accumulate. For the future usage of the fridge, you can cover the shelves with a transparent foil. This way, next time when you will need to clean the fridge you will just remove it.

New season – new look

Usually, in winter, most people locate the furniture close together to create a sense of warmth and comfort. During the spring clean, you can make some shifts to make the room look more spacious. Bring some colour to it. Small things will make the difference. By adding a colourful cushion, a vase, new tablecloth, few flowers or aromatic candle your place will definitely look cosier and refreshed.

As we previously said, spring cleaning is a time consuming and tedious task and it will be better if you make a plan. And remember: Do not try to do everything in one day!

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