How to Organise Express Spring Cleaning

spring is coming

After the winter season, spring comes with all its beauty – everything is green, trees blossom, birds sing and life awakens from deep hibernation. Spring is a beautiful time of year, but it also requires some unpleasant chores for many householders such as spring cleaning. Unfortunately, it usually takes a long time, it costs a lot of nerves and energy and often it is overlooked. Instead of spending the weekend with your loved ones, playing with your children or just having a cup of tea with a nice book, you should turn the house upside down. Just because spring cleaning is a complex task, this month we will offer you various ideas on how to make it easier and without hassle. Get ready, today we will give you some helpful tricks and hints for express and efficient spring cleaning.

Why is spring cleaning required?

With the advent of spring is the time for a deep spring cleaning of the house in order for your home to become more beautiful, cleaner and sanitised. For all of us is very difficult to find time to clean up our homes. Most people are familiar that daily cleaning is not enough to shine clean the house. Therefore, at least twice a year – spring and autumn, you must arm yourself with patience and effort to clean every nook of the property. Arranging the wardrobe, washing the windows, organising the cupboards, dusting throughout, getting rid of unused items – some of the tasks you should mark on your list. But it is worth it! With the spring cleaning, you will ensure a fresh and sanitised environment in your living space. Moreover will avoid the accumulation of any dirt, bacteria and germs.

Make a plan what needs to be done

Before spring cleaning starts, make a list of everything you want to accomplish. This will help you avoid wasting time trying to find out what is left to do. When cleaning rooms start respectively from above and descend. It’s nonsense to clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner before you wipe off the upper shelves. You should consider how much time you need and when you’ll be able to complete your plan. Also, you must decide whether to make a general spring cleaning for two or three days or will distribute tasks and activities over several weekends.

Get all the necessary cleaning materials

Once you have made a list of tasks then make sure you have everything you need to run them smoothly.  Make sure you have garbage bags, detergents, microfiber and cotton cloths, sponges, absorbing towels and kitchen paper so you do not need to waste time running to the store. And for all those who use old and tested recipes for homemade detergents, you will need just lemon, baking soda and vinegar.


Do you have a shirt or a sweater that you haven’t worn several seasons or a pair of jeans that you “might wear one day”? A really good spring house cleaning should start with the collection and disposal of everything superfluous and unnecessary from the shelves, cabinets or closets. Go through all the rooms in your home and throw away everything you do not need or want. There is no point in accumulating stuff. Now is the perfect time to get rid of unnecessary items and clothes. Some of them you can donate, other – discard. This way you not only refresh your home but you make extra space for something new! Organise all drawers and cupboards and get rid of old medicines, cosmetics or other products.

Eliminate dust and bacteria from carpets and upholstery

Dust, bacteria and germs accumulate everywhere in the house – carpets, upholstered furniture, cupboards and etc. Studies show that regular vacuuming of the carpets and the upholstered items eliminate just 80% of the dirt. For the remaining 20%, you should be extra careful. If you are not planning to wash your carpets professionally at least wipe them down with a damp cloth in order to collect hair and refresh the fabric colour. In addition, you can sprinkle the carpet with baking soda and after 20min. clean with a vacuum cleaner. This way you preserve the colours of the carpet and eliminate any unpleasant odours.

Clean air

The fact that air is transparent does not mean it’s not contaminated. To clean and freshen up the air in your home, consider air-purifying plants (later this month we will offer you a useful article). They will reduce the dust particles and allergens in the home. Plants are a great means of perfuming your home naturally and eliminating unpleasant odours. Another way of refreshing the air is with homemade fresheners. The easiest and effective way to ensure a clean and healthy living space.

Involve your family members

Ask your family to participate in the cleanup. Children can help by clearing the closet and remove what already is an old, worn and torn. They also can get rid of the toys they no longer play or are unwilling. Seek the assistance of your husband for larger tasks such as moving furniture around the house or washing windows. When each family member is doing something spring cleaning becomes faster and more efficient, and not so boring. And for sure they will keep the house in order when they will need to clean it up next time!

Do you need help with your spring cleaning?

If you need professional assistance with your Spring cleaning, Mega Cleaning will be glad to help you out at a convenient for you time and date. All you need to do is to contact us on 020 3637 7737. You can enjoy the day as you wish, while our experienced team will make your home a cosy, tidy and sparkle clean place you will love coming into.

Expect the next article with helpful tips for organising your wardrobe!

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