Clean Mattress – A Guarantee for Calm and Healthy Sleep

Easy tips how to maintain hygiene in bed

Have you ever thought how much time you spent in your bed? Several studies show that average person spent 1/3 of his life precisely in the place reserved for sleeping. This certainly implies maintaining a perfect hygiene. If your beloved pet is allowed to lie in the sheets too, then cleaning the mattress becomes more than necessary.

Regular washing of the linen is not enough. You can change the sheets and pillowcases but the mattress itself also needs certain care. The clean mattress can soothe your allergies, improve your health, and even bring you more relaxed sleep.

Dangerous particles inhabit the mattress

It is curiously enough that, at home, people expose themselves to some of the most dangerous particles. The home dust and dust mites can cause unpleasant reactions such itching, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing and shortness of breath. Microscopic particles may contain other allergens like pollen and mould. Did you know that there are probably over a million of these “pets” in your mattress? Dust mites can develop a population up to 10 million and are fed with dead cells of the human body, such as dandruff. Therefore they inhabit mainly mattresses, pillows and blankets and they feel conformable when the area is humid and warm. Cleaning your mattress regularly can save you a lot of money and visits to the doctor.

The quality mattress is the weapon for fighting allergies

Your mattress definitely needs a little refreshment, even if you do not have to contend with old stains or accumulated odours. We will give you some tips how you can clean the surface of the mattress, but for an in-depth cleaning, you should trust a professional cleaning company. The good thing is that you can clean your mattress like you clean the flooring at home. Just use the narrowest nozzle of the vacuum cleaner and thoroughly hoover the mattress. You can repeat the procedure each time you are changing the bed linen. If you want to avoid accumulation of odours, moisture and stains give your mattress a “gift”- a waterproof protector. It will not only protect the mattress surface from contamination but it will retain it for a longer period. You can easily maintain the protector by washing it regularly. Besides hygiene, it will also provide incredible comfort. This accessory has elastics through and attaches seamlessly to the mattress and with it, the recruiting of the bed sheets will be history.

Invest in a comfortable and quality mattress

One way to deal with problems falling asleep is to ensure a comfortable mattress. This doesn’t mean to throw a fortune in it. The solution is to invest in an ergonomic and functional mattress that can provide you with complete relaxation throughout the night. Of particular importance is the composition of the mattress. Its case and core are directly related to the quality of the bed and respectively your health. The proper coverage of the mattress is of essential importance for your comfort sleep and health. The natural composition of the textile – cotton, wool- will ensure lack of allergy reaction to artificial fabrics. On the other hand, you can protect yourself from the invisible but so harmful dust mites if you opt for a mattress of polyester. Another important component of the mattress is its ventilation. If the mattress is with springs then the ventilation is implemented naturally. But if you choose a mattress made from foam it is important to have a profile “3D cutting”. It helps the air to circulate and prevent moisture retention.

In conclusion, maintaining a clean mattress is paramount for ensuring a calm and healthy sleep. A well-maintained mattress not only promotes better hygiene by reducing allergens, bacteria, and dust mites but also extends its lifespan, providing long-term comfort and support. Regular cleaning routines, such as vacuuming, spot cleaning, and utilising protective covers, can significantly enhance sleep quality by creating a more restful and healthier sleeping environment. By prioritising mattress cleanliness, you are investing in your overall well-being, ensuring that every night’s sleep is as rejuvenating and restorative as possible.