Deep Cleaning | Extreme Cleaning

Deep Cleaning | Extreme Cleaning

Mega Cleaning company has gathered vast experience in cleaning properties in a such delicate state and thus we know that every single full Extreme Property Clean is specific and requires different methods and approach. Our qualified technicians are equipped with all the latest technologies, tools, cleaning solutions and protective equipment needed to provide a professional service of that nature.

Nothing is pleasant or easy when it comes to dealing with extreme cleaning situations and very often, the risk to health is very serious. Particularly when dealing with excessive clutter and hoarding, mentally challenged or disabled occupiers. The exposure to dangerous chemicals, bacteria and viruses in these circumstances is extremely high and can have serious consequences for all involved in the process – both customers and cleaners. It requires expert knowledge and a deep understanding of how these situations should be handled. And most importantly, dealt with in a professional manner, to return a property to a clean, safe and sanitised state.

Your Extreme Mega Cleaning in Details

  • Clearing all rubbish away
  • Decluttering the premises (*special conditions apply)
  • Degreasing the kitchen cupboards and appliances from inside and outside
  • Descaling and disinfecting the bathrooms and sanitary units
  • Deep cleaning of floors, woodwork and surfaces
  • Shining mirrors and internal windows, frames and sills

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Who Can Benefit from Extreme Mega Cleaning?

Excessively cluttered and hoarded properties

Often owned by compulsive hoarders, dealing with such properties may seem an impossible task, but Mega Cleaning will undertake it and deliver fast, fuss and hassle-free clearing process. Through the whole service our specialists will work closely with our customer, making sure the right household and personal belongings are sorted and stored, and the rest is packed and disposed of. After all the items had been dealt with, we will Deep clean the whole property, top-to-bottom, including all kitchen appliances, assuring the property is left tidy, clean and sanitised.

Mentally challenged or disabled occupiers, void property cleaning, human and animal excrement

We proceed with particular attention to these kinds of services, as they are very delicate and require a very thorough knowledge of how to be handled safely due to the potential dangers for both occupiers and cleaners. We are aware how sensitive these types of services are, so we are committed to protect the privacy of our clients and handle each case with respect and extra care. After the clearance is completed, we will than Deep clean the whole property, sanitising it and leave it in a safe and tidy state.

Natural disasters damages

It can happen to everyone – flooded bathroom, a fire in the kitchen, or any other crisis your home had suffered – Mega Cleaning will wipe it all. Depending on the circumstances, we will offer you the most appropriate solution and bring your property back to its shiny state or get it ready for redecoration if needed.

Why Should You Book Extreme Mega Cleaning Service?

  • Specifically designed service suiting  your individual needs
  • Individual and delicate approach and attention to details
  • A great enthusiastic team of professionals with experience and knowledge
  • Supplying all top-quality professional equipment and detergents to complete your project efficiently
  • Bringing the property to a sanitised and healthy environment

Additionally, to obtain a final touch to your property adding a professional Carpet Cleaning or Upholstery cleaning or shining the exterior windows will be the perfect asset. To keep your property in tip top condition you can book regular domestic cleaner. Check with our office staff for more details. You can also take advantage of the other comprehensive cleaning services we offer in your area such as End of tenancy cleaning, After builder cleaning, Spring Cleaning and Jet wash cleaning.

Professional Mega Cleaners You Can Trust

Mega Cleaners pride ourselves immensely on the high quality of our cleaning service delivery. We can provide assistance for you and your family. Whether it is one room you need to clean right through to full property clearance and cleaning. To offer you an accurate quote based on your exact requirements, we will send one of our surveyors for a free survey. Alternatively, you can send us detailed photographs of the premises. With our services there are no hidden charges and at all times you are in control of the service.  You can use our extreme and hoarder cleaning service in a manner that suits you best.

Extreme makeover cleaning price

Extreme cleaning
Hourly rate per cleaner – from £35
Equipment – £20
Detergents – £20
Min. charges apply


If you’d like to discuss getting a quote or just want to get in touch to make further enquiries about our extreme cleaning services then please call us on 020 3637 7737  or use our contact form. Our friendly staff will offer you the best solution for your situation.

Mega Cleaning is your trusted partner for a complete makeover of your property!