How to Arrange Your Wardrobe


With the right plan, tedious exercise will be overcome as soon as possible

Spring is about to show that her time has come! But along with the smiling face of the first warm sun rays, many of us sullenly think that the home must shake off from the winter depression and be refreshed and thoroughly cleaned.
There are many reasons to clean your wardrobe at least once a year and get rid of the unnecessary clothing, shoes and accessories. And the upcoming spring is the ideal time to do it. After the clean-up of the whole house during the spring clean, organising and arranging your closet will be the top of the icing. We will give you some simple hints for successful wardrobe cleaning.

Organising the Wardrobe

Mondays always come too quickly and find us unprepared – always in a rush. Looking for stuff around the house – glasses, keys, socks, favourite blouse, etc. You may know that the good organisation of the wardrobe will help you a lot in the morning to get ready for work and not be late.
Surely many women are suffering from the paradox that allegedly the wardrobe is full of clothes, but never what to wear. How many times have you said that: I have nothing to wear! This may also be due to the fact that just your clothes are not well arranged. The decision, of course, is a basic arrangement of the closet. This is a labour-intensive task, so you will need to dedicate few hours to this particular activity.

Take everything out from the closet

If you’ve packed your clothes on the shelves with the sole purpose just to be able to close the closet without a pile of shirts, pants and skirts drown you like a sea wave; it is time to change tactics. Start slowly and calmly, first remove everything. While removing clothes you can evaluate them and decide to keep them or not. Do not just throw your clothes on the bed, try to sort them out in piles- casual, work new, old, etc. Thus, after you wipe the shelves it will be easier for you to put them back.

Maximum capacity

Shortage of space is a problem that every second woman has. Unless you have a really big closet or an entire room converted into a wardrobe, it will be nice to keep separate winter from summer clothes. Otherwise, you will toss up sweaters while looking for jerseys and swimwear. It is better to determine separate places for blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, socks, underwear, etc. Stock your shoes and hats in boxes to keep their charming appearance. All the rules above apply for your accessories too. This way you’ll know where to look and will be easier in the mornings, especially on Mondays.

Ruthlessly dispose of unnecessary items

How many times you went shopping and you bought something just because it was a “great deal”? Have you received a present that you do not like it? Have you got a sweater that you haven’t worn few seasons or pair of pants that is already not fashionable? Now is the time to clear your closet from all unnecessary and unwanted stuff. Why clutter your cupboards and shelves with junk? If you have not used something two or three seasons, it means you do not need it, get rid of it. Moreover, no need to throw them away. You can always give them to friends, donate to charity organisations or people in need. And consider another way – when you get rid of something old, you make room for new arrivals!

And remember – most importantly try to keep the established order. It is unlikely to hold much longer, but it’s still good to go the extra mile. Thus, the next organising of the closet will be relatively easier.

Expect the next article which will include tips on what exactly you will need to be do during the spring clean!

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