Upholstery Cleaning in Oxford OX

Upholstery Cleaning in Oxford OX

The upholstered furniture in your home has started losing colour? The smell of damp is coming out of it? Some people will say: all this is inevitable, because time goes, and favourite things grow old. But at Mega Cleaning we object: the passage of time can be slowed down. A proven way to do this is to benefit from our upholstery cleaning!


Effective and Precise Cleaning Method

Upholstery cleaning service in Oxford - OX Our customers in Oxford often say that our cleaners are real magicians. The truth is, instead of magic charms and spells, they use experience, knowledge, and modern professional equipment. After all, when it comes to service, it turns out that it is not easy! Take, for example, upholstery cleaning. How do they keep freshness and purity? The cleaning method we successfully employ is the hot water extraction. The essential point for the efficiency is spraying the appropriate quantity of moisture which depends on the type and material of the fabric. In fact, the efficiency of the cleaning method is not just getting rid of stains, dirt, and odours, but killing all types of bacteria, germs and allergens settled in depth in the upholstery. Moreover, you can use your sofa or mattress shortly after the procedure is completed. Even after extracting almost 95% of the moisture, additional time for the complete drying is needed. A good air flow and ventilation of the premises, as well as the thickness of the fibre, are the key factors for the fast drying process.


Valuable Upholstery Cleaning Service with Awesome Results

At Mega Cleaning we are real pros in the field. More than once we have managed to bring new life to old and battered sofas or armchairs. Want to get rid of fine dust, lint and pet dander, and other small particles of sand that have accumulated in the upholstery of the furniture? Then our service is the best suitable for you – your upholstery will look fresh, and your health won’t be put to risk anymore, as all dust mites and allergens will be gone. An additional benefit from the hot water extraction method is that the life of your upholstery is extended which is an awesome resource to your family budget.
Bring Back the Glamour of Your Upholstery


Great Assets for Choosing Mega Cleaning in Oxford for Your Upholstery CleaningProfessional upholstery cleaners in Oxford - OX

  • Effective service with amazing results;
  • Pre-treatment of any spots and stains with different cleaning solutions;
  • Well-trained and qualified technicians, experts in the field;
  • Reasonable prices;
  • Beneficial for allergy suffers;
  • Applying an additional protective layer upon request to protect from further spills and stains;
  • Working 7 days a week for your convenience;


In addition to your Upholstery cleaning, you can benefit from the other services we also provide in Oxford such as End of tenancy cleaning, After builders cleaning, One off cleaning and Carpet cleaning. Not to belittle the fact that this way you even save time and receive an additional discount.


Detailed Price List

Upholstery cleaning
Mattress single £16
Mattress double £25
2 seat sofa £36
3 seat sofa £46
Armchair £19
Headboard £10
Footstool £7
Cushions £4
Dining chair £10
Office chair £7
Curtains short £22
Curtains long £35
Min. charge: £48

*All price rates are suitable for areas within M25 and minimum charges apply.


 Mega Cleaning Covers the Following Oxford Areas

  • Abingdon OX13, OX14
  • Banbury OX15, OX16, OX17
  • Bampton, Burford, Carterton OX18
  • Bicester OX25, OX26, OX27
  • Chinnor OX39
  • Chipping Norton OX7
  • Didcot OX11
  • Kidlington OX5
  • Oxford OX1, OX2, OX3, OX4, OX33, OX44
  • Thame OX9
  • Wallingford OX10
  • Wantage OX12
  • Watlington OX49
  • Witney OX28, OX29
  • Woodstock OX20


Mega Cleaning has been on the market in Oxford for years now. During this time, upholstery cleaning, such as sofas, mattresses, curtains, armchairs, etc. has been carried out by our specialists both at residential and commercial properties, for private and business clients. By contacting us on 020 3637 7737, you get yourself a free quote, perfect service, affordable prices and revived and fresh-looking furniture.