Tenancy Cleaning Tips to Get Your Deposit Back

Plan and Organise Your End of Tenancy Ahead

Moving out soon? If yes is the answer you should read this article. It will definitely save you time and you will get some great ideas how to organise the whole moving out process.

Regardless of whether you’re going to move into your dreamed home, the procedure can be unpleasant. In case you’re even a tiny bit confused, those feelings of anxiety are certain to hit the rooftop. To deal with your turn effectively, you should completely arranged everything in advance. Making a customised agenda for moving encourages you to see precisely what to do while moving house, as it enables you to go up against the numerous errands included each one in turn. Furthermore, you get the opportunity to feel great each time you tick something off the rundown. Use this convenient house moving tip list as a beginning spot for your own particular agenda for moving.

Checklist When You’re Moving House

  • Affirm the moving out date in advance

This way you will have plenty of time to organise the whole process – packing, removals, professional cleaning as well as finding a new place to live and preparing it

  • Clean your present home completely

Without doubt, this is particularly crucial for tenants. Otherwise you might lose the chance of getting your deposit. You should leave your rented property as perfect as it was the point at which you initially moved in.

  • Plan some DIY home improvements

Make sure you do some painting or small repair works if needed so the property is left as when you checked in.

  • Confirm your removal service

Sort out movers or organise friends to help no less than half a month prior to the move. On the off chance that you hire removals company, ensure you are with them for expulsion and conveyance to help control them and check for harm. Our advice is to organise your transport executive with an experienced and well-known removal company to avoid any further complications.

  • Sort out utility bills

Advise gas, electric, and water suppliers no less than about a month and a half ahead of time.

Easy Steps to Get Your Deposit Back in the End of Your Tenancy

Believe it or not, but getting your deposit back at the completion of your tenancy is as important to you as receiving the property back in good condition is to your landlord.

Basically, if you fail to leave your rented property in the same state as when you moved in – apart from fair wear and tear – some or all of your deposit will be kept by your landlord to cover the cost of any replacements, repairs or cleaning needed

Property management specialists have highlighted few simple tips that will help you avoid some of the issues that can arise whilst renting and increase the likelihood of getting your deposit back in full when you move out:

Check the inventory report when moving in

Details of everything in the property and its condition are recorded in the inventory report and this is what will be referred to when you move out whether or not you are leaving the property as you found it. The start of your tenancy is your great opportunity to check that it is 100 % accurate and that you agree with everything detailed in this important document so that a fair assessment can be made at the end of your tenancy.

Ventilate to reduce the risk of condensation

One of the most contentious issues in rental properties is condensation, which is caused by how a property is lived in and can cause damage if left unchecked. To avoid problems from condensation you should heat and ventilate rooms adequately, avoid drying washing indoors and always correctly use any extractor fans provided in the property.

Even though you hire a professional cleaning company to perform your end of tenancy cleaning have in mind that mould is very difficult to be removed. Therefore, prevention will be the best way to avoid this unpleasant situation.

Maintain the garden and patio

Is your garden becoming overgrown or the pavement mossy? It is tenant’s responsibility to maintain the garden and upkeep the exterior of the property. The best way is to keep on top of it throughout your rental period. As tackling a messy garden in one hit at the end of your tenancy could be a huge task and you may not have enough time. Regular maintenance is the only way to ensure this job doesn’t get out of hand. If the property you are renting is a furnished one then all gardening tools should be provided by your landlord.

Report problems as they arise

Have you noticed a leak or damp has started to appear in the bathroom? Inform your landlord or letting agent so such problems can be dealt on time because what may start as a minor annoyance can soon require major repairs

Tidy and clean before you go!

Leaving your rented property clean and in good order is vital. Often, tenants who fail to get their full deposit back simply haven’t cleaned the property to the same standard as when they moved in. The property should be left nice and clean as you found it. From the furniture and carpets to walls and kitchen appliances, and everything in between – in order to get your deposit back in full.

Last but not least, check your tenancy agreement and find out what is a requirement. Professional carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, external window cleaning, wall cleaning, etc. These are all additional services which can be added to your end of tenancy cleaning and usually at a reduced cost.

When to Book the End of Tenancy Cleaning?

Try to book your tenancy cleaning in advance. Once you have your checkout date, find a trusted and experienced cleaning company to perform this important for you task. Do not forget that getting your deposit back depends on that.  Most of the cleaning companies guarantee their services for 48 hrs or 72 hrs. Also, they offer free re-clean in case there is an issue with the quality of cleaning. Therefore, we do recommend to schedule the service closer to your check out date so you can benefit of that option.

Note that end of each month a lot of people are exchanging contracts. Which basically means that will be very difficult to book your tenancy cleaning if you leave it for the last minute. Based on our experience, usually the slots on the last week of each month are getting booked very fast and nearly 3-4 weeks in advance. Also, other busy days are the weekends.

Also, it is very important the cleaning to be performed once you have moved out and the property is empty of personal belongings.

So, plan and book your end of tenancy cleaning ahead!


How to Choose the Right Cleaning Company?

There’s a business rule saying that clients can have something good, fast, or cheap.  They can choose two, but can’t have all three.  You can have quality and speed, but it will not be cheap.  In the same time, you can have fast and cheap, but the quality will be lacking.  As well as, you can have cheap and good, but it will not be done fast.

You get the picture, right? Well, if you choose Mega Cleaning, we promise a high-standard cleaning at affordable price completed efficiently and on time and with a guarantee!

  • Check with your landlord or managing agency if they can recommend a company that they work with.
  • Try to find recommendations from friends or neighbours
  • Search online for a reputable professional cleaning company in your area
  • Compare quotes from different cleaning companies by what they offer, price range and additional charges that may apply in the end. As sometimes the cheapest quote might turn to be the most expensive one!


Mega Cleaning is a trusted and reliable cleaning company with vast of experience in the cleaning business. Our teams of experts are dedicated and highly trained to offer top-quality cleaning services fast and efficiently. We keep our top positions on the market due to the skilful use of the latest technologies combined with precision, ability and most importantly attention to details.

For your high-quality End of tenancy cleaning, contact us today at 020 3637 7737!

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