Little Secrets of First-Class Cleaning Care of Wooden Furniture

Do you have any allergies? Do you sneeze every time you use a conventional detergent? If the answer is yes, you will love this article. Nowadays in the stores are available various products, but they usually contain mineral oils or solvents that have a pungent odour and even cause allergies. With these natural and homemade detergents, you can keep everything in your home in top condition without side effects and environmental pollution.

Dust remover

This recipe slows the deposition of dust on the furniture.

  • 1 litre of water
  • 1 tsp vinegar (15%)
  • 1 tsp glycerin

Mix all the ingredients. Pour a few drops of the mixture on a soft cloth and wipe the furniture.


Maintenance of wood veneer

This lacquer is suitable for all types of coatings, as well as other surfaces.

  • 200ml olive oil
  • 20 ml lemon juice

Pour the olive oil and the strained juice in a glass bottle with a cork and shake well.  Sprinkle a cotton pad with the polish and cover it with a linen cloth. Polish the surface with the cloth in a circular motion. You can use the product several weeks. Shake well before using it.


Beeswax for light wood furniture

Now and then it is enough to wipe the dust with a soft woollen cloth, but occasionally your furniture needs refreshment. Here it is a simple recipe how you can prepare this mixture.

  • 10 g beeswax
  • 100 ml of soya oil

Pour the ingredients into a container and warm them in a water bath until the wax gets melted. Stir the mixture with a wire or mixer at low speed. Once it cools down pour the mixture into a suitable bottle with a cap. The mixture lasts about six months.

Beeswax for dark wood furniture

This product is suitable for maintenance of dark furniture.

  • 2 g beeswax
  • 1 tsp lanolin
  • 20 ml of soybean oil
  • 5 ml turpentine

Heat the ingredients in a water bath as described in the recipe “Beeswax for light wood”. Since turpentine is obtained by distillation of resin from coniferous trees and is flammable, it is better to keep away from children!


Cleaning oak furniture

Dust and stains on the furniture easily can be cleaned with beer. However, if the surface is very dirty, you can mix the following solution.

  • 1 tablespoon beeswax
  • 300 ml water
  • 2 tsp Sugar

Melt the wax in a water bath.  Leave it to cool down, but be careful not to harden. Add the beer and sugar. With a soft brush apply the mixture on the wooden surfaces and allow cooling, and then polishing with a woollen cloth.

The wooden furniture is a beautiful addition to any home, especially when they are loved and with sentimental value. Experts recommend to always using products designed specifically for wood. With the proper and regular care of your wooden furniture, they will serve you for years and will preserve its beauty.

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