10 Steps to a Perfectly Clean Kitchen

Part 1

The kitchen has never been the cleanest place in the house. No matter how often you clean it there you can always find something to be messy or something to stick tanned. You will always find a way to smudge, however, the question is how to clean it properly and efficiently.

Of course, you can just go with a cloth quickly, but after a day or even less, it will still look like the same mess. The idea is to clean the kitchen perfectly, so you will not worry about it in the next week or even more, depends on how careful you are.

Once you are equipped with the necessary cleaning products, cloths and other tools you can start your kitchen cleaning adventure.

Fridge and freezer

No matter its colour or size, it always will be dirty from both outside and inside. Start by putting out all its products, as well as bars and lockers, and then turn it off. Decide what is obsolete and even past their expiry date and discard. You do not want to have junk food in your refrigerator.

Go with a dry cloth the whole refrigerator because surely there is water at the bottom. This water is from the constant opening and closing of the door. The longer you keep the fridge open, the more thawing. 

Arrange the products so it is easier for you to find them. For example, the most important ones next to the door to reach them easily, while those you do not use as often insert deeper. The better-organised refrigerator you have, the less time you spend in front of the open door, which means less ice melting in it.


Outside cleaning

Now, you have cleaned, returned and arranged everything in the refrigerator, it’s time to clean it up from the outside. Start from the top of the refrigerator where most probably there is a thick layer of dust, remove it with a damp cloth and clean the sides and the door. No matter if there is a handle or not, clean the place where is the grip to open. Very often, family members open it with dirty fingers and leaving their footprints.

Do not forget to clean underneath too. Use a thin plugin so you can reach as much as possible inside. Guaranteed there is dust and cobwebs and even a fallen toy or something else.


Remember to do all this with the freezer too. The method of cleaning there is exactly the same, but with the difference that if you want maximum results, you should leave it to defrost more time (at least 24 hours). Thus you can remove the accumulated ice that may be there from the purchase of the refrigerator. To remove the old ice is like to clear all pipes. Then it will freeze faster and will keep your products longer. You can clean your fridge and freezer once a month.

Clean the Oven

clean the oven


Now it’s time for the oven. It definitely becomes a complete mess every two days. Whether you prepare a meal for the whole family or make a french toast. But no worries, there is a way to get rid of a dirty oven. Take out all removable parts like trays and racks and clean them thoroughly. You can use a degreaser if there is a lot of stubborn dirt. Wipe the oven from the outside too. Do not forget to clean around the burners and if you have ceramic plates it is best to apply a creamy cleanser. It‘s not pretty to have scratched ceramic stove because you used dry wire sponge.

A place often neglected is behind the stove and below it (clean there if possible of course). These are very tight spots and are the favourite place for accumulation of dirt and dust.


For those of you who have a microwave is good to know that it must be clean regularly. It is still confined space working with microwaves and dirt inside is commonplace. With each reheat food, you contaminate the inside of the microwave. Remove the plate, let’s remain just an empty box, unplug and clean thoroughly with a damp cloth. If, however, there is stubborn dirt, take a special detergent or degreaser. Clean the microwave itself with a dry cloth because water can stay somewhere and once plugged in can burn.

Furnitureclean your furniture

Furniture is perhaps is a too strong word, but it comes to furniture in the kitchen like chairs, tables, upholstery and so on.

Wipe the furniture items with a damp cloth, micro fibre also will do a good job, and you can even use a specific detergent for the different surfaces. They are already sold with flavour, so you will not worry about the smell.

Remove the curtains (if you have not already done so) and wash them. They have probably accumulated odours from many dishes or cigarettes, not to mention the dust.

If you regularly smoke in the kitchen, you can wipe walls with a damp cloth, but be careful, if you have wallpapers.

Clean also any small objects that you have as a décor. They are also an important part of the kitchen furniture and you must clean them regularly.

If you don’t have time to do the cleaning call Mega Cleaning at 020 3637 7737 for one-off cleaning.

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  4. No matter how many times you clean it there, you can always find something to be messy or something to adhere to tanned. You will always find a means to smudge, but the question is how to clean it properly and efficiently. The thought would be to clean the kitchen entirely, so you will not be worried about it in another week or more, depends upon how careful you are. Once you are equipped with the necessary cleaning products, clothes, and other tools, you’ll be able to begin your kitchen cleaning adventure. You can clean your refrigerator and freezer once a month. If you regularly smoke in the kitchen, so you can wipe walls with a damp cloth, but be careful, in case you have wallpapers.

    1. Hi Luise, the regular maintain of the premises is the key to a tidy and clean household!

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