8 Tricks how to steal more space for a tight home

Part 2
How to achieve optimum functionality and maximum space in a not very large home?
If you want to achieve optimal functionality, maximum space and comfort in your home which is not particularly large, we suggest you choose and apply multiple smart interior solutions

1. Save the harmony

Avoid frilly large pillows huge sofas. There is furniture that is multifunctional, compact and at the same time take up relatively little space.

2. Unleash your imagination on open spaces

Use full every square meter of empty wall space. A tall almost to the ceiling elegant shelf will bring not only your books and a bunch of other necessary things in your everyday life, accessories and decorations.

3. Invest in a cupboard and living room furniture

Do not be afraid to invest in a larger, yet versatile low buffet or a spacious living room furniture. Their drawers and windows are a great hiding place for small but necessary things that surround us in everyday life. Exposed areas they can be an excellent place for TV, stereo and discs, for one another beautiful statue, vase or photo.

4. Small furniture reflecting the light

Great solution to the problem “confined space” are the large wall mirrors and small glass tables and accessories around them. They undoubtedly create a feeling of greater space of the home, while reflecting light and flowing into it.

5. The power of contrasting colours

Contrasting colour on one wall relative to that of others in the room also creates a sense of spaciousness of the room.

6. The advantages of the round table

In selecting a table for dining, this circular shape is preferred over that of a rectangular. Fans of Feng Shui great know for example that the round shape promotes a positive flow of energy in the home. Besides the roundtable beautifully function in space without taking into ourselves superfluous part of it. And each is a known fact that the roundtable collects more guests around it than the rectangular.

7. Be creative in organising the separating space

Ideal for room division, while retaining a sense of freedom and space is the screen in Japanese style for example.

8. Keep it white

White furniture always looks smaller than those in the other darker. However, if the white colour seems very cold it is enough to choose the furniture in bright and soft colours. Table or a dresser in a darker contrasting white colour also is a great way to escape the monotony and at the same time to keep the sense of spaciousness.

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