How to maximize the space in a small apartment in 8 steps

Part one
Most people dream of own home: cosy, spacious and with all amenities. Nowadays, however, it turns out that it is extremely difficult these conditions to be met in one place.

Definitely, the furnishing of such an apartment is a challenge for interior designers and owners. If you’ve spent your last penny to purchase a home and furniture and now you are wondering how to arrange it, we took some advice from the professional designers. They shared their secret tricks with us how we can make a small residential area in a cosy and beautiful home.

1. Multi-functional furniture

Anyway sofa that becomes a bed in the living room, and is accompanied by a table and chest of drawers is always a good choice. Choosing multifunctional furniture, you save not only space but also money.

2. Use of spaces

Separation of dark and hard to reach places in the house in type closet or pantry is a great addition to any home. Every housewife dreams for a corner where to fit all – from the jar to a vacuum cleaner, clothes or the old children’s toys.

3. What should be the colour balance in a small residence?

In a small residence at least you have an accent – colour range should be harmonious and overflowing. The presence of stark contrasts will make you regret it or repaint everything.

4. What colour to choose?

I think it is clear – from the above mentioned – the colours should be bright, fresh and balanced. Dark colours do not have a place in a small apartment.

5. The household appliances

The kitchen is one of the places where trust us can no longer do without a good designer. But the most important – ideas for multifunctional devices that are less expensive but have more operations. Your salvation is useful columns cabinets with appliances in them, a small refrigerator, a washing machine and dryer in one and as many as possible mechanisms in the kitchen cabinets and drawers.

6. Cabinets and how many you should have?

It is absolutely necessary to install practical multifunctional cabinets of the entire height of the room and with a good colour selection.

7. What kind of fabrics to select for a small apartment?

You should head to easy-care fabrics for the furniture like a leather sofa in the living room. Avoid wall to wall carpets; go for laminate flooring and small rugs in different colours. Believe it or not, If you have 2, 3 people living in a small area and do a lot of things like breaking, spilling … in a word boiling violent activity of a small space, you should be more practical.

8. Small bathroom

All you need is small and separate shower room, toilet and sink. Forget about a bath, at least until you get a bigger apartment.

Of course, every case is individual, but my sincere advice is to contact a specialist who you can trust. Definitely, the result will be amazing.

Finally, with a little imagination and adhering to these 8 tips you can achieve satisfying success.

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