How to Efficiently Maintain the Wooden Furniture and Flooring

Today we will talk about proper maintenance of wooden furniture and flooring. This article provides guidance on how to maintain, clean and polish wooden furniture and floors. Since ancient times the wood is used for making furniture. Even today it is considered the best material for this purpose. Whether it will be modern furniture or antique cabinets, wood brings in every home feeling of comfort and luxury. Like anything else, wooden furniture also requires proper maintenance to be able to withstand the blows of times. Therefore, it is indispensable to maintain wooden furniture properly. Especially if they have been in your family for several generations and have sentimental value for you. But do not worry, with the right strategy and the appropriate cleaning products maintenance of your wooden furniture will seem like child’s game.

How to clean and protect wooden furniture

We have prepared a compilation of tips and tricks on how to polish and clean your wooden furniture in the best way. An essential part of their daily maintenance involves placing protective pads for cups. With it, will prevent the wood from scratching and peeling – otherwise, all your efforts will be futile.
Conventional cleaning supplies like a feather and dry towels for dusting take some of the dust. But unfortunately, the large amount of it is spread around. A damp cloth and special cleaning cloths that attract and retain particles will do a much better job. Use vacuum cleaner only in places that you cannot clean with a cloth as it spreads dust too.

Wooden floorings

Proper maintenance of wooden floors retains their good look and prolongs their life. Regardless of the coverage of your wooden flooring, you should regularly clean it to prevent greater damage and injuries. It is necessary at least once a week to vacuum and wipe the floor with a rag. When does it comes to wood, vinyl or faience flooring except for the vacuum cleaner, you can use special cleaning cloths – such as microfiber which perfectly absorb dust and dirt. Have in mind that once in a while deep professional cleaning of the carpets, surfaces, and upholstery is required in order to ensure fresh and healthy air at home.

How to maintain and protect wooden floorings

Avoid using water directly, always apply the detergent with a cloth. When you spill some liquid on the floor, try to absorb it as quickly as possible. Because the moisture can damage both the coating and the wood as well as unpleasant spots can appear on the surface. Moving furniture around the house is a nice way to change the atmosphere but sometimes causes scratches on the floor. Therefore always put protective patches under the legs of your furniture.
When is the coating of the flooring for replacement? Here it is a simple test you can make at home. Put a drop of water on the floor and if it gets absorbed instantly, it means the coating of the wood flooring is for replacement. This is a very specific and delicate work, so you better turn to professionals.

Detergents for wooden furniture and flooring

Another point of cleaning is the choice of the right detergents. Always use specialised cleaning products for wood and follow the instructions on the labels. Buy only products that are designed for the surface of your furniture. Good choices are detergents with a creamy texture that retain frosted wooden surfaces and veneers fresh and alive, forming a gentle gloss and water-repellent layer on the furniture. Do not neglect the choice of specialised products for your wooden flooring too. Wooden floorings and laminates are among the most demanding surfaces in the home. Choose products with ingredients that take care of the surfaces and protecting them from moisture by forming a protective film on them.

Stay tuned for the next week article. We will offer you some easy to mix and tested recipes for homemade detergents. And all of them you can use for your wooden furniture and surfaces at home.

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