How to easily maintain the leather furniture at home

Have you notice how each new acquisition – clothing, furniture or jewellery brings you joy and this raises your mood. Wondering how to keep that feeling for a long time? All you need to do is keeping the flawless appearance of your new items periodically and with proper care.


Furniture, depending on the materials they are made of requires different care. It is important to know that moisture, direct sunlight and direct airflow from heaters adversely affect the condition of the furniture. It is good to see some subtleties that will greatly facilitate the maintenance of your leather furniture.

Quick and easy steps for cleaning leather furniture

The life of your leather sofa depends not only on the quality and stability of the construction and materials but also the good maintenance. Taking care of the leather furniture does not take long and is done quickly and easily. However, the proper maintenance of your leather furniture requires special care. Most important is to treat your leather sofa at least twice a year with a special detergent with UV protection. This procedure will keep the intensity of its colour and prolong its life.

We offer you some recommended steps for cleaning your leather furniture efficiently.

Dust removal

Use a vacuum cleaner to collect dust in between the cushions. Clean the leather gently with a dry microfiber cloth. In this way, you will keep the shine and softness of the leather as long as possible.

Stain removal

In a case of stains, always use products for leather goods, since the presence of strong chemicals, solvents and abrasives could damage the leather surface.

If you use the product for the first time, test it in a small hidden place to avoid damaging the entire leather. If you accidentally spill a liquid on the leather furniture (tea, coffee, juice), immediately wipe it with a dry cloth.

Thorough deep cleaning of the leather sofa

For a thorough cleaning of your leather sofa, prepare warm water and a special soap for leather furniture. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the seats on the couch. Remove dust and clean the leather gently. Rinse with warm water and a clean cloth. If needed dry it in. Feel the freshness and purity and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.

Quick cleaning of leather furniture

Cleaning the leather sofa can be done quickly and easily, even without special detergent for leather furniture. Collect dust with a vacuum cleaner and wipe with a damp cloth. While maintaining the cleanliness of your sofa you do not allow the dust to penetrate the leather. So this quick and easy, but systematic cleaning ensures shine and softness of your leather furniture.


To nourish the leather after a thorough cleaning you can apply a thin layer of olive oil, leave it to stand for 30 minutes and then blot with a clean dry cloth. With this procedure, you will enjoy the unique lustre of the leather for many years.


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