How to Keep Your Child’s Room Neat and Clean

Toys, books, art supplies – all of these items are essential for developing your child’s skills. But while living in an encouraging environment is beneficial for kids, it is also the precondition for a mess. Calling all the parents out there – you know what we’re talking about. You know that, after making a mess, it’s necessary to take everything back to where it belongs and make the space organised and clean again. However, kids are not always eager to do it or simply don’t know how. Parents are there to implement efficient cleaning habits and make sure their kids become organised and responsible as they grow. But, where to start?

In this article, you’ll find out the easiest techniques that will help you keep your child’s room neat and clean, but also teach your child to do it on their own.

Have regular decluttering sessions

Removing unnecessary items is the key to a tidy and clean home. Broken toys, old pens, and torn colouring books are not only taking up space but also prevent you from keeping your child’s room neat and clean. That’s why you and your kids should do regular decluttering sessions. Get rid of all the broken toys, parts you no longer can put together, old papers and colouring books, pens that no longer work, etc. This will leave you with the things your child uses and needs, making it easier to tidy up.

Bonus tip: kids nowadays have so many toys, and sometimes certain toys are no longer interesting to them. That’s why it’s great to put toys in rotation – put a portion of toys away in storage or somewhere else in your home. Find a place for toys to keep for extended periods, a place you are sure they’ll stay safe and clean, a place like a long-term storage unit. Once they forget about these toys, you can take them back and take another portion to storage. These rotations will ensure kids have more fun and appreciate their toys more.

Furthermore, you can organise a toy swap with your friends – your kids can get ‘new’ toys for free, and you will get rid of toys they no longer find interesting.


Make sure everything has its place

To make it possible for you and your kids to tidy up and put everything away, all the items in your child’s room should have their place. Invest in some shelves, boxes, and baskets so you can organise toys, books, and other items in categories. Every item will have its place, so your kids will know where to put them once they need to tidy up their room. This is also a great practice if you want your entire home to be mess-free, not just your kid’s room. If every item has its place, you’ll avoid seeing clutter all-around your house.

Create groups of things

Making categories is the most beneficial method to keep your child’s room neat and clean. Sort everything into categories – small and big toys, colouring books, story time books, socks, underwear, etc. This will help them learn to tidy up much faster, as they will know the categories and sort out their items easily.

Don’t try to keep everything under control

Children often go through a messy phase, especially when they become teenagers. And that’s fine. Try not to control everything, and let them have a creative mess if they need to. However, try to set boundaries if this mess makes it hard to clean the room or bothers the child they share the space with. Don’t overreact and try to explain all the benefits of having a tidy and clean home. But before all that, try to implement healthy cleaning and tidying habits from an early age. Sometimes, parents think it’s too early for their toddlers to tidy up, but this is the time when they start to learn on how to maintain their environment. Doing everything for them and waiting until they are old enough sends the wrong message. It also prevents your children from learning to take care of their living space and be independent later in life.

Use door racks or hooks for extra storage

Inside the room or closet door is a clever way to maximize storage in your kids’ room. It’s also a way to keep things spick-and-span. Use the racks for storing wardrobe accessories, hang jackets, and more. Owners of smaller homes should be creative regarding the storage space and use up every inch of their house. Also, if kids are surrounded by clever storage and organization ideas, they will probably use them later in life and be great roommates.

Clean the room in sections

Cleaning your home is much easier if you do it in sections. And so is the cleaning and tidying of your children’s rooms. Dealing with smaller areas at a time will ensure maximum results without being overwhelmed in the end. Remember: Organised and tidy toys are more inspirational for kids.

Always praise your kids for their efforts

We agree that there should be some effective consequences if your child refuses to tidy up their space from time to time. However, don’t forget to praise your kids when you see they put effort into making their room look nice, too. Learning to be more independent at a young age is not something that automatically implies, so make sure your children are aware of their progress. This will be a great motivation to keep up the excellent work, and it will help you keep your child’s room shipshape easily as time goes by.

Be a good role model

You can’t make someone do something unless you show them how to do it. If you want to teach your kids to be organised and tidy, make sure you are a good role model for that. Use the techniques to keep your child’s room neat and clean while taking care of the rest of the house, and the results will be much more powerful than you expect.

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