How to clean your oven at home like a professional

Effective Oven Cleaning with Natural Materials You Have at Home

After you have made the favourite meal for the family, usually you face the same issue like everyone else – how to clean the oven? Sometimes this task is not easy, especially if you have to deal with a built-up grease or burned food. Instead of using strong and harsh detergents that are harmful to your skin and your health, try the following alternative options.

Today, I would like to give you some compelling tricks and ideas on how to clean your oven efficiently and without any danger for your health detergents. It takes a less time with the proper cleaning solutions and the payoff is well worth it. Additionally, you most likely have everything you require to take on this venture as of now in your cupboards like baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice!

First of all, get ready with the right tools and materials – some rubber gloves, few cloths or paper towels, a sponge and an old toothbrush that might help for cleaning the settled grime and dirt.

Oven cleaning with baking soda

Mix water (1/4 cup), salt (1/4 cup) and baking soda (3/4 cup) to get a thick paste. Wipe the oven with a damp cloth or sponge and spread the paste over the entire surface. Let it work overnight, and in the morning wipe it thoroughly. This method is most effective when the oven is not very dirty, so you can do it regularly to keep it nice and clean.

While soaking the oven, you can clean the racks and trays.

Wonder how you can clean the brown plate from the oven glass? Here it is a tip for that too. You can thoroughly clean the brown plate from the oven glass by dissolving baking soda in warm water. Apply the solution to the area and leave to work for 15 minutes. Then you can wipe the dirt much easier.

Cleaning oven with vinegar

  • Cleaning a cold oven

Apply a small amount of vinegar to the surface of a cold oven and spread it with a damp cloth over the entire area. Leave it for a while to act. If the grime is not too much, you will be able to wipe it easily, but if not, you might also need a brush or use a more powerful solution. For example, mix vinegar with baking soda. This cleaning solution will help you remove even the oldest overlays on the oven walls. Finally rinse with warm soapy water and your oven will shine again as new.

  • Cleaning a warm oven

Another way of using the vinegar is when you warm up the oven. Pour 1 l of water and add one cup of vinegar in a casserole and turn the oven to 150 degrees and leave the solution for about 30 minutes. Then turn it off and while the oven is still warm and moistened, wipe the walls with a cloth. Remember, if there is some dirt residue left, repeat the procedure one more time and pour more vinegar.

Oven cleaning with a dishwashing detergent

Pour it into a bowl hot water and dilute some soap or dishwashing detergent. Then leave it in the oven as you also moisten its walls with it. Turn the oven to 120 degrees and leave the mixture to act for 30 minutes while not opening the oven door. After that open and wait for the oven to cool slightly. With a damp cloth, you can remove the accumulated grease without any trouble.

Oven cleaning with lemon juice and baking soda

Another powerful and efficient solution for oven cleaning is the mixture of a lemon juice and baking soda dissolved in water. Sprinkle the oven thoroughly with this solution and wait for a while to act. This way you can easily remove with a wet cloth all the burned food in your oven. You can apply the same mixture for cleaning an electric or gas hob.

Make the last wipe-down: Take a damp cloth and wipe out the remaining vinegar-baking soda blend. Repeat until all the baking soda buildup is gone. Add more water or vinegar to truly get the oven shining clean.

Hob cleaning

A clean hob can alter the whole appearance of your kitchen. Instead of looking cluttered or messy, essentially cleaning the hob can make the kitchen show up fresher.

Ceramic hobs look great and are an amazing expansion of any kitchen. The issue with ceramic and glass hobs is that they scratch very easy. In any case, to get dried food off the hob, scraping it is the most excellent strategy.

  • Remove any food left on the hob
  • Apply a creamy detergent specially designed for the particular surface of your hob. This way you will avoid scratching the surface
  • Leave the detergents to do its magic and then wipe with a cloth. Always read the label of the detergent and follow the instructions. If there is still some residue left use a sponge with elbow grease or a soft brush or newspaper

Basically, the secret of keeping up a clean, glossy hob is to clean up any spills and dirt at your first convenience, so they will not have time to dry on. Accept it or not, investing only 5 minutes a day wiping your oven or hob is a way better choice than investing much longer on the work once a month.

With these tips, in any case, you ought to have it down to a craftsmanship in no time.

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