How to Choose the Perfect Upholstered Item and Keep It Clean

Upholstered furniture turns the dwelling to a home

The upholstered furniture creates individuality and comfort to any room. Different types of furniture – sofas, armchairs, ottomans through its fabrics and colours re-create our moods and perceptions of the outside world. First of all, they should be comfortable, practical, and effective and make an empty apartment to a real home.

When choosing fabric for furniture you need to take into account not only your preferences but also the characteristics of the material, its functionality, convenience and durability. Therefore to choose the most appropriate material is necessary to have an idea about the classification of the fabrics, as well as what basic features have each class.

Natural fabrics

They are produced from natural materials such as flax, hemp, wool, cotton, etc. (30- 40% and more). The advantages of this fabric are environmental, air permeability and anti-allergic characteristics. However, natural materials have low resilience and are likely to shrink.

Synthetic fabrics

They are made entirely of synthetic fibres of polyamide (nylon) or polyester (polyester, acrylic). Synthetic fabrics possess high wear resistance, they are not susceptible to shrinkage, and also do not fade. The disadvantages are the accumulation of static electricity and low air permeability.

One of the most popular fabrics used for upholstered furniture is the microfiber. This fine synthetic fabric “bribes” besides with its soft velvet touch, but with its high wear resistance, crease-proofing and intense colour. Another positive aspect is its “breathable” fabric; does not absorb water or stains and it is easy to maintain and clean.

Artificial fabrics

Artificial types of furniture fabrics are made of fibres with an artificial origin, for example, fibres produced after deep industrial processing of natural raw materials. In contrast to synthetic materials, these fabrics have high air permeability, but at the same time, they are more susceptible to wear.

Most of the fabrics for furniture are manufactured in a complex process, for example, the fabrics consist of all three types – natural, synthetic or artificial.

How to choose the right fabric for your upholstery

The choice of fabric for your home depends on several factors and you should consider all of them before buying an upholstered item. How often will you use your furniture? Do you have small children and home pets?

Always make sure that you choose a fabric that is suitable for your lifestyle. Some materials, such as leather and microfiber are easy to clean, unlike others.

  • Leather is always a good choice; although expensive it is extremely resistant and easy to maintain
  • Select a synthetic material especially for the living room where you meet many guests.
  • Cotton is an ideal solution as it is absorbent and is suitable compared to the leather both in hot and in cold climates.
  • Consider durability.The sofa is very used furniture and therefore requires denser fabric. Look at the label and see how many threads are used in every square centimetre. The higher number the more durable and denser the fabric is.
  • Sunlight is important. Some fabrics are manufactured and treated to prevent fading from the constant sun exposure.

Few tips how to maintain your upholstery

All of us want the furniture to serve us as long as possible, but do we know how to maintain them? In today’s article, we will share with you how to keep your favourite upholstered furniture at home in top condition. You should remove stains on your upholstery immediately after their occurrence with a dry, well-absorbing cloth and manufacturer recommended detergent. Before buying a cleaning product from the store, always read the manufacturer label of your upholstered furniture, since this may result in irreversible damage to the surface.  Have in mind that some detergents available in the store can cause deformation of the structure of the upholstery and its colour.

Tricks for removing stains

When cleaning a spot always apply the detergent with a cloth or soft brush and not directly on the upholstery. Make careful circular motion as rubbing can damage the surface of the upholstery.
After cleaning and drying the surface, it is necessary to impregnate the furniture. You can use the upholstery only after the surface is completely dry. For this reason, you should ensure good ventilation of the room.

If you want to be certain that your upholstered furniture is perfectly cleaned and it is not damaged, you can always contact Mega Cleaning professional upholstery cleaners. Mega Cleaning works with only proven high-quality equipment and cleaning products from Karcher and Prochem. We can help you with any of your cleaning projects; just contact us on 020 3637 7737.

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  1. Excellent work.. Your tricks are very helpful. It is very difficult to clean little things from couch and sofa and then we can’t clean it deeply. Sometimes it is also difficult to remove stains from the sofa and couch. But your tips seems helpful for us. It is very necessary to maintained upholstery. So thanks for your adorable steps for cleaning and maintaining.

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