How to choose the ideal carpet for your home

Things to consider when choosing carpet

Today’s carpeting is available in synthetics, wool, blends, linen, sisal, coir, jute, woven vinyl, fur, and even paper. Each material has its own unique uses and advantages, so consider the amount of traffic, sunlight, moisture and potential stains before you select your carpet.
First and most important – you have to decide what will be the function of the carpet. Whether it plays the role of noise and cold insulator or just to bring a big splash of colour in the interior? Or, its main purpose is to give your feet feeling of softness and warmth? In today’s article, we will try to answer all those questions and help you as much as possible.

Choosing a carpet according to the type of room

The carpet style and the sort of material you pick can likewise majorly affect the upkeep maintenance. Go for textured carpets to cover foot traces and vacuum cleaner tracks. You ought to just install cut pile and multilevel loop carpets in low-to medium-activity areas, as both of these designs tend to trap dirt and oppose cleaning endeavours. Besides, with this type of carpets traces of furniture are more difficult to spot.
On the off chance that you have children or pets, aim for carpet tile rather than rolled carpeting. As opposed to supplanting the whole room following a couple of years of spills and stains, you can replace single tiles as needed to keep your carpet looking crisp and new.


For the bedroom, you can choose soft woollen carpets with long fibres in soft pastel colours. This will create cosiness and will dull noises.

Living room

If you want to increase the optical space in the room, you must adhere to the bright colours, as well as carpets with diagonal drawings. In case the room is very large, several carpets will help to zone. For example, you can differentiate dining and living room.

Children’s room

For the children’s room, you can choose more vivid and saturated colours. Pick a carpet with short fibres as this type of flooring is more resistant to wear and tear.

Stairs and hallway

In such high traffic zones, search for textured Saxony, level loop or high-density loop carpets to repel dirt and make cleaning simpler. Go for synthetic carpets with ornaments, preferably with a rubber mat as they are more resistant than others. Moreover, different prints and geometric shapes very well conceal traces of dirt that are typical of input premises.

Choice of carpet fabric

  • Wool

This is the most common material used for making carpets. Wool is affordable, durable, soft, resistant to dust and dirt. Moreover, woollen carpets provide additional insulation. Valuable for the wool is that absorbs steam up to 36% of its own weight. It is therefore considered to be involved in regulating the climate in the premises. You should often ventilate a room with woollen carpet, otherwise, mould can occur.

  • Cotton

Cotton rugs are universal, simple to maintain and easy to clean. In this sense, they are superior wool but with much lower duration of use. Unfortunately, they easily absorb moisture and are not suitable for permanently damp spaces.

  • Silk

Silk rugs are a great choice because they are naturally shiny and soft. But they require more delicate care as they are very sensitive to moisture. Another trifling minus is the high price as they are 100% handmade.

  • Natural fabrics

These category rugs include sisal, jute, coir, linen, seaweed, bamboo. Natural fibres are environmentally friendly and are among the most affordable. Jute and sisal have a rough texture and thus provide a pleasant feeling of the legs. Carpets of seaweed and bamboo are smoother. It is best to use carpets of such materials in dry spaces as they are difficult to clean and “do not like” water. Remember: To clean them professionally always apply the dry cleaning method. Never wash them with hot water extraction as they will shrink!

  • Synthetics

Synthetic fibres have many advantages, including easy maintenance, resistant to dirt and fading. Therefore they are most often used in the living room, hallway and the staircase. Polypropylene and other synthetic fibres are used for carpets designed for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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  1. I think the cotton rugs are more suitable than anyone. They are easy to maintain and even available at bearable cost. I have some of silk stuff too, but I think they are not much durable.

    1. Hi Ben,
      Thank you very much for your comment 🙂 Carpets and rugs, no matter what material are made of, have their own beauty. All we need to do is maintain them properly and with care and we can enjoy them longer.

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