Home Improvement Projects to Quickly Sell Your Home

Many different factors play a role in whether your house sells after one day on the market or 100, including the home’s condition, curb appeal, staging, and listing price. However, certain improvement projects can help your home to sell in a lot less time — and we share several of them in the sections below.

DIY Home Improvement Projects

If you’re up to the task, many home improvement projects can be completed without help from a professional.

  • Spruce up your front door and mailbox to add instant curb appeal to your home.
  • Treat your interior walls, cabinets, ceilings, and doors to a fresh coat of white paint.
  • Plant flowers and shrubs, lay fresh mulch, and trim overgrown trees. These DIY       landscaping projects will boost curb appeal and sell your home in less time.
  • Upgrade your light switches and outlets. Prior to listing your home, all light switches should be in working order, and broken or burnt-out light bulbs should be replaced

Projects Requiring a Professional

While many home improvement projects are suitable for DIYers, certain tasks should be completed by a professional.

  • Thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom. Leave deep cleaning to the dependable professionals at Mega Cleaning to spruce up your property with a top-quality professional cleaning services like carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, jet wash cleaning, window cleaning.
  • Interior painting is a simple enough DIY job for most homeowners, but it’s best to hire a professional if you need to paint your home’s exterior before selling.
  • Some improvement projects are even illegal to complete on your own, such as repairing your home’s HVAC system or removing a wall.
  • While not required, a decluttering professional can help you to organize your home and sell it more quickly.
  • When you’re ready to list your house, you’ll need an experienced estate agent to help you market and sell your home.


Updates that Boost Home Value

In addition to the projects that help your house to sell in less time, certain upgrades can boost the value of your home.

  • First, learn about some of the things you can do to boost your home’s appraisal value. Redfin recommends focusing on curb appeal, home staging, and lower-cost projects such as replacing your windows and front door.
  • Explore some of the other renovations that can help to increase home value, such as conducting a minor kitchen remodel, replacing the garage door, loft conversion, and implementing universal design into the property.
  • Avoid making upgrades that won’t pay off when it’s time to sell.


Clean, updated, and decluttered homes sell a whole lot faster than those that are dirty, outdated, and cluttered. And fortunately, preparing your home for a fast sale doesn’t always mean making costly repairs and improvements. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint and some added curb appeal are all you need to attract potential buyers and sell your home fast!