Cleaning Tasks for Kids: How to Make House Cleaning Fun!

Christmas is around the corner! It is the best time of the year as all the family gathers and spends quality time together. This is the perfect time to involve your kids in the household chores and preparing the house for the holiday season.

Discover how to get the children associated with family unit errands! This article incorporates bunches of tips and guidance on the best way to make cleaning a good time for everybody.

Urge the entire family to get engaged with cleaning the house by utilising reward outlines for kids. Make them visual, intelligent, and fun! For instance, you could utilise a board with photos of the children – then every time they finish a task, they can put a tick, star, or smiley face by their photo.

Key steps how to distribute the cleaning tasks at home

  • Pick errands appropriate to your kid’s age.

2-4 years old –collecting dirty clothes and putting them in the laundry room, set napkins on the table, matching the socks in a pair, feeding the pet

5-7 years old – watering the flowers, making their bed, tiding up the room and arranging the wardrobe, arranging the table for dinner

8-10 years old – make an easy breakfast like a sandwich, help mom and dad preparing the lunch and dinner, cleaning up the table after eating and washing the dishes, fold the laundry

Above 11 years old – before entering the teenage have to prepare something to eat if they are hungry, keep the home clean and tidy and arrange the clothes, walking the home pet and giving it a bath, help parents keep the yard tidy, help washing the car, etc.

  • Show your kids how to efficiently do their tasks in the right way.
  • Above all, make it fun and exciting!

Was your home flawless before your children tagged along, however now you battle to try and see the cover under the mass of toys, amusements, books, and garments everywhere? You’re not the only one! Keeping a clean house when kids appear to undo all your diligent work can test without a doubt, yet it’s certainly feasible. An uncluttered home can extremely clear the mind, so instead of conflicting with the tide, for what reason does not experiment with some cleaning amusements for kids? They’ll have a fabulous time, and you’ll have an excellent home – it’s a win-win situation!

Reasonable Cleaning Duties for Kids

Unacceptable errands for kids include anything that utilisations sharp items or require the need to achieve high places. These errands ought to be left for the grown-ups, yet there are a lot of things the children can do to assist. Here’s a rundown of appropriate and unacceptable children tasks:

Appropriate cleaning tasks for children: 

  • Making beds.
  • Cleaning rooms.
  • Stacking and unloading the washing machine.
  • Folding clean garments.
  • Putting garments away into drawers and organisers.
  • Dusting or cleaning low surfaces, for example, end tables.
  • Brushing the kitchen floor with a dustpan and brush.
  • Brushing pet hair from the couch or cover.
  • Cleaning up toys, diversions, and books.

Unacceptable cleaning tasks for children:

  • Purging or stacking the dishwasher (sharp blades).
  • Hanging washing on the line (too high).
  • Polishing cutlery (sharp blades).
  • Cleaning kitchen and sanitary areas (regularly require substantial obligation compound cleaners).
  • Vacuuming or anything that requires the utilisation of electrics.
  • Cleaning mirrors and TV screens (danger of glass breaking).
  • Cleaning pet’s litter boxes and waste (microbes).
  • Cooking food or ironing (risk or burns).
  • Separating waste and reusing (sharp tins and jars).
  • Anything including the utilisation of cleaning detergents – they’re for grown-ups as it were!

Obviously, you’ll need your youngsters to slip into things bit by bit, so consider making errand diagrams for kids, giving every kid an alternate arrangement of assignments every week. Or, on the other hand, to mix it up a bit, record every one of the children tasks on a bit of paper and pop them in a cap. Request that your children select their occupations for that week. It’ll be totally random, so there shouldn’t be excessively numerous contentions about who gets the opportunity to do what!

Cleaning Up Games

When you have chosen the tasks you need your children to assist with around the house, it’s an ideal opportunity to transform them into fun and energizing undertakings. Tailor these recommendations for cleaning up amusements to your youngsters’ ages, interests, and capacities. Find more helpful information how to turn cleaning tasks into a game and make it fun!

Clothing and Laundry

  • Separate socks from the washing and play match or snap.
  • See who can overlay shirts the quickest.
  • Pretend delivery drivers and couriers to get the laundry folded into the correct rooms or drawers.
  • Youngsters will appreciate figuring out how to press the buttons on the washing machine.

Room Tidying up

  • Play ‘shop’: arrange things from the floor to be conveyed to the rack or toy box.
  • Turn up the music and move as you and your children clean.
  • Utilise a stopwatch and offer a prize for whoever cleans their room the quickest.
  • Practice ball skills by tossing filthy garments into the laundry basket

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Play spruce up: clean while professing to be servers or stewards.
  • Influence them to feel like they’re in an activity film by giving them ‘missions’.
  • Buy small size cleaning equipment – like a toy floor brush – in brilliant colours.
  • Imagine you’re making an advert for a cleaning item as you’re utilising it – generally use cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly. Thus you will keep your children safe and keep the environment.

Implement Reward Charts for Kids

Children react well to acclaim and acknowledgement, and on the off chance that they feel they’ve made a decent showing with regards to and had some good times, will probably need to assist with the family unit tasks over and over. One approach to strengthen the acclaim is to make remunerate diagrams for kids that demonstrate a star or smiley confront when each undertaking has been finished. Maybe an entire seven day stretch of finished tasks could bring about a reward, for example, cooking their most loved dinner or pastry on Sunday, or going to the nearby play area.




Mega Cleaning team is wishing you fun cleaning with your kids. However, we will be happy to help you and provide you with professional cleaning services at a convenient for you time and date, even during the holidays. Get in touch with us on 020 3637 7737!

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