Cleaning and maintenance of wooden garden furniture

First and foremost, the wood products require specific maintenance to look good. Furthermore, if you follow the tips our specialists provide, you can enjoy your garden furniture for many years.

One of the main materials for producing wooden garden furniture is the solid wood and the teak wood. Below you can find some useful information about their maintenance and cleaning.

What should you know about Solid wood?

Hardwood is associated with teak, but does not has exactly the same properties. There is more tension in the wood and it also does not contain as much oil as the teak tree. Although the furniture made of solid wood is treated with oil at the factory, it is recommended to process oil again before you start using them.

Treatment and care of outdoor wooden furniture

In general, cleaning of outdoor wooden furniture should start only when the furniture acclimates and is already treated with oil for the first time. It should treat with oil immediately after unpacking and assembly. With regular maintenance – treatment with oil – and seasonal cleaning with products such as refreshing the wood will be able to enjoy your furniture for many years.

  • Wash the furniture regularly. If you own a washer under pressure, it is ideal for this type of cleaning.
  • Usually, wooden furniture is already treated with oil in the factory, but specialists recommend to process them further before you start to use them. However, the wood must be completely dry before the treatment with oil: Use oil which is specifically designed for solid wood. For better results, you can treat with the oil 2-3 times in spring and summer. Experts also recommend to treat them before the furniture is ready to be stored for the winter.
  • If the furniture is often exposed to bright sunlight, you should treat with oil several times

Important facts about Teak furniture

Just because the teak tree has a high oil content usually does not require additional treatment with oil. Moreover, the teak is lighter than solid wood and does not has much tension.

As mentioned above, the teak does not require additional treatment with oil and if the furniture is not treated at the factory, it subsequently acquires whitish sheen. Unless you hold to keep this natural colour, you can treat the furniture with oil in the same way as solid wood furniture.  Have in mind that once you start to process your teak furniture, then it will require regular treatment with oil, just as solid wood furniture.

How to prevent from mould and fungus the outdoor wooden furniture?

Even though you regularly process the outdoor furniture with specific oil and you treat it right, can still occur attacks of mildew and fungus. The most common sign of this is when parts of the furniture become darker and in some cases almost black. Generally, you can solve this unpleasant problem as follows:

  • Wash the furniture thoroughly with wood cleaner
  • After washing the furniture with the wood cleaner and there are still dark patches prepare a strong liquid chlorine solution and then wash the affected areas, in the end, rinse thoroughly with water.
  • In case the treatment with chlorine does not help, there is only the option of plywood and grease. Sand the affected areas until you reach healthy wood. You can also use the equipment for cleaning under pressure. Whichever method you choose, you should always end with the type of oil intended for the exact tree.

How to clean the mildew from the wooden furniture

Mildew fungus is a harmless kind that looks like dry white dust – usually found on the thickest parts of the furniture. Mildews often arises in transporting the wood to Europe, as large fluctuations in temperature and high humidity are ideal conditions for the development of mildew.

Wipe mildew with a cloth or brush. Usually, do not require additional treatment, but a layer of oil to wood is a good idea.

Distortion by wind, deformation and re-tensioning

Wood is a natural product and therefore is quite sensitive to the environment. This means that wooden outdoor furniture reacts to different weather conditions. As a result may appear cracking and deformations due to tension in the wood. By this means, it is essential to tighten joints at regular intervals.

Winter storage of garden furniture

During the winter you need to store garden furniture properly. So avoid placing them in a warm, dry place as this will dry out additionally the tree. Actually, the ideal place to store your furniture is a garage or carport, where there is good ventilation and you can cover the furniture. In addition, avoid covering your furniture with plastic or similar materials as this can lead to decomposition or mould on the furniture.

Hopefully, this article is useful and can help you to properly clean and maintain your furniture in the garden or other open spaces. For an exquisite professional cleaning service at competitive price do not hesitate to contact Mega Cleaning today on 020 3637 7737!

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