8 Hints how to clean up after repair and construction works

Regardless how careful you were during the building work, whether you have covered the floors and furniture with plastic or papers, in some places always remain small droplets of paint, a thick layer of dust, drops of grout or cement. It does not matter if you did a full refurbishment, a fireplace in the bedroom or even changed the wallpaper in the kitchen, after repair work the house always is getting dirty.

Sometimes getting even the strongest detergents and scrubbing is not the sufficient solution. The question is how to deal with all this dirt and dust. If not cleaned on time, dust can cause many diseases and allergies. To make your life easier, you should read the following lines with our 8 tips for cleaning after builders work.

1. Where to start to Clean from

Cleaning up after repair and construction works it’s easy. Always the first job will be to open the windows to ventilate the premises from the smell of glue, plaster, wood or any repairs you made so far.
Next, you can remove the larger objects like bags of cement, broken tiles, torn carpets and so on. Then start the cleaning from the ceiling down, making sure you attend every nook and corner, lights, windows, walls, furniture and the floor. You can clean the walls with a dry or damp cloth depends on what they are covered with – paint or wallpaper. Use all available “weapons” and do not think to skimp on cleaning detergents and effort. The more effort you put, the better the results will be for your home.

2. Cleaning the bathroom

Replacing the sink, tub, shower placing or even change all the tiles in the bathroom are extremely dirty and slow work. Your first job, of course, will be to clean all sanitary ware and large debris left over from the renovation. In each cleaning after repairs, always start in steps, beginning with the largest and finish with the smallest item.Do not rush to sanitise the bathroom tiles with a detergent. First, clean with a dry microfiber cloth and then start wet cleaning. Thus dust falls much easier. If you monitor any traces left from glue, clean them immediately by using strong diluent or nail polish remover.

3. Polishing the windows

Both windows and frames are usually coated with a lot of dust. If you happen to have residues from silicone or glue, firstly use a scrapper. Traces of paint at the edges of the window panels you can remove using a cotton pad soaked with nail polish remover. However, to avoid similar problems in the future you may wipe the corners and edges of the window with soap thus the paint will not stick.
Next step will be to wipe the windows, frames, and sills with a cloth moistened with a lukewarm solution of water and 2-3 tbsp. vinegar. It works perfectly. Another way, of course, is to use a conventional window cleaner and a cloth or paper.

4. Scraping traces from silicone

If you find traces of silicone, do not rush to rub with a damp cloth because it will dirty the place further. Wait for it to dry and then gently peel off or remove using a scraper.

5. Cleaning spots

If you are having difficulty cleaning a spot or stain after the repair work, try a solution of ammonia and water.

6. A smell of fresh paint

If the smell of fresh paint annoys you, put a bowl of baking soda in the room and it will easily absorb the unpleasant aroma.

7. Floor cleaning

Cleaning on the floor is essential and is always left for last. You’ll have to move and carry stuff back and forward and so on, so many things will fall on the floor and you do not want to do twice the work, right?
Before using any detergent, first, go with a damp cloth the entire surface to knock down the dirt and dust. You could even go twice for best results. Once you have cleaned the surface can now use a specific product for the flooring. Wipe thoroughly and carefully and leave it for a while to absorb. Then clean the skirting boards too before returning all furniture and carpets. It is better to think about a detergent for flooring which keeps the wood from scratches and extend its life.
A solution of 1 litre of water and 2-3 tbsp. lemon juice (or vinegar) makes miracles and works for cleaning the floor of patches of lime, cement or latex.

8. Full house renovation

For those, however, who built a new house, is the most difficult task. The reason is simple: the cleaning might take the whole day. The amount of cleaning products and effort you will use are huge. Windows, floors, walls, ceilings, lighting and furniture, all this should go under the brush to have excellent results so you can safely brag about your new house. To get excellent results, however, you must be uncompromising. You should invest all your energy to sparkling clean the whole house and not miss a single spot.

From our experience, we know that the final cleaning after a (re-)construction is something that requires a special technique to achieve a successful and satisfying outcome. The Mega Cleaning company will be happy to help you with your After builders cleaning assignment. Simply call us on 020 3637 7737 and give your property a new life with the After builders cleaning services we provide in London.

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