Carpets vs Rugs

Many people face the dilemma-rug or carpet. It’s conceivable you’d be better served with a rug and not a wall-to-wall carpet. But how would you know? Both offer several benefits and disadvantages and it all comes to homeowner preferences. The most important aspect is to choose a floor decoration that suits your lifestyle, home interior, personal style and budget.

Here are at glance some of the things you should consider when buying carpet or rug. Most certainly, carpets need professional assistance for installation, require constant attention and professional cleaning. On the other hand, rugs are smaller, easier to clean, move and do not require help for instalment. Both carpet and rugs are made from similar materials like wool, nylon, acrylic, cotton, polypropylene but they differ in texture and design.


Carpets or RugsCarpet’s fundamental point of interest is that it’s delicate and warm underneath, suppresses noise and gives padding on the off chance that you fall. A wall-to-wall covering creates comfort especially in winter time, provides additional insulation and last but not least it is affordable. Generally, carpets tend to hold dirt, dust, odours, bacteria and different allergens.  So if some of your family members have hypersensitivities or asthma, it can be an issue. Carpets can be likewise difficult to clean and particularly wear out in few years, depending on the usage. Nevertheless at least once a year you should clean them professionally. A significant inconvenience is when you would like to re-carpet a heavily worn area. You might need to change the carpet in the whole room, respectively the whole house, depending on where and how the carpet runs.


Rugs or CarpetsArea rugs are a popular floor covering decision since they arrive in a bigger assortment of designs, textures, shapes and colours. When it comes to cleaning, rugs are easy to maintain. Moreover, they can be easily exchanged among rooms. It’s likewise simpler to create an impression with a fun or brilliant rug than it is with carpet covering the whole room. In addition, you can always bring your rug with you each time you move. Area rugs have some disadvantages, though. They are a bit more expensive than carpets as they are handmade and more delicate in nature. It definitely obliges you to have nice flooring underneath since some of your floors will be probably visible. Supposing that you have an excellent hardwood floor, just go for it. Alternate negatives to area rugs are that they can slip as well as be a stumbling danger if your foot catches an edge out of line.
However, you can regularly improve those issues with a rug pad or twofold sided tape.

In conclusion, whatever you choose, rug or a carpet, you definitely need to keep them in perfect condition. Thus your floor decoration will serve you longer years. Mega Cleaning expert carpet cleaners can help you out every time you need professional carpet cleaning. Give us a call on 020 3637 7737 around the clock and we will bring back the glamour of your carpet and rug.