5 Overlooked Places at Home Where Dust and Dirt Gather

What should you include in your deep cleaning list?

With the Covid 19 pandemic in the air and plenty of time around the house for much of the UK’s population, there’s never been a better time to give your home a good clean.

However, even the most thorough of cleans might omit some of these crevices and installations that you just don’t normally think about when running the hoover or duster around the house. Luckily, we’ve got you covered to ensure this year, your deep clean is as thorough and comprehensive as ever before.

Under Furniture

One of the areas you might not immediately think to include in your daily or weekly cleaning routine is under your furniture. After all, sofas and chairs are often static and therefore what’s underneath them is barely visible. Why bother moving them and pushing the vacuum under, right?

You don’t have to move the furniture if it is very heavy, often the attachments on your vacuum should allow you to get access to those hard to reach areas, and it is vital that you do. Many studies proved that dust build-up can help trigger allergies and if your floor is carpeted it could be causing further damage you can’t see. Dust can stain a light-coloured carpet and if you do choose to re-organise your room at any point, you may need a thorough carpet clean to do so. Experts recommend professional cleaning of your carpets and especially high traffic areas every 6 months to avoid accumulation of dirt and germs. In fact, with the professional carpet cleaning you actually extend the life of your floor coverings.

Door Knobs and Windows handles

The handles and knobs on your doors get touched by practically everyone in your home, plus visitors who come in as well. Whilst they may not look grimy, they should be included in any deep and serious clean you’re planning to have. Scientists reveal that some bacteria can even live on your doorknobs for up to five months, making the need to give those handles a good dousing of disinfectant even more important. Especially, now in times of Covid 19 pandemic, disinfecting the door knobs should be in your priority list. Same applies for the light switches, window handles, etc

Computer Keyboards

In nowadays when most of the people are Home Office the common household computer is something you’ll find in every home, multiple times over in some instances. The keyboards are one area you’ll want to pay particular attention too. Can you imagine that a computer keyboard can typically have 7,500 bacteria per swab just waiting to make you poorly? Using a gentle attachment for your vacuum will allow you to run it over the keyboard, then an antibacterial wipe across the whole keyboard and mouse too will further help keep you and your family free of germs.

Soft Furnishings

The soft furnishings in your house can be a hive of bacteria and germs, from your curtains and drapes to cushions and rugs. Giving the floor a vacuum will help, but for a thorough clean you must think a little deeper about your approach. Wash throws and cushion covers once a month to ensure they remain clean and fresh; they should have simple washing instructions on them and by using a nice fabric softener you’ll improve the comfort of your room too.

Curtains should be machine washable too but always err on the side of caution when drying. Don’t be tempted to machine dry if you’re unsure, as it could leave you with a significant cost for replacements if you get it wrong. Professional cleaning of your upholstered items is recommended every 6-12 months to improve their appearance and prevent the spread of bacteria and germs in the air.

Boiler or Utility cupboard

Your boiler may be stowed away in a cupboard under your stairs, or the dusty utility room at the back of the house, but it’s vitally important you include it in your deep clean routine. Dust and grime can clog up important components, such as fan and pipes, which prevents the boiler from firing up or working efficiently. In the long term, this can cause serious problems and potentially lead to a full boiler breakdown, which is why heating experts recommend getting insurance for your boiler. That way, you’re protected and ensuring that your boiler is always regularly serviced. However, you can help the situation by making sure the boiler is part of your thorough clean, wherever in the house it may be situated.

Of course, there will be other areas unique to your home, but if you think outside the box when doing your clean, you should be able to help spot them. In the current climate, any spring clean and deep clean starts with your personal regime, washing hands and ensuring the spread of bacteria on items such as a doorknob or computer keyboard are minimised as much as possible.

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