10 Genius tricks how to save your time while cleaning at home

 How to Save Time Cleaning at Home

Nobody likes to clean the house but it is something that we need to do regularly. Instead of procrastinating your chores and they increasingly accumulate, organise yourself and do the job faster and in a simpler way.

1. Use masking tape for hair

To gather the piled up hair from your furniture or clothing, use masking tape on a roll and in less than a minute you’re ready.

2. Use your spray for polishing furniture

You can clean shiny metal objects with the same spray you use for polishing furniture.

3. Use foil when cleaning

To avoid cleaning the tray in the oven you can cover it with foil.

4. Eat your biscuits without a plate

Do not mess extra dishes use the space you already have. For example, you can eat a pack of biscuits directly, no need to place it on a plate.

5. Clean the blender with soap

To clear the blender, add a little bit of soap and water and plugin. Finally, pour out the content and turn it off.

6. Cover the refrigerator with foil

You can cover the shelves of the refrigerator with transparent foil which you will just remove when cleaning them.

7. Use dishwasher for other things

Except for dishes you can wash and other things in the dishwasher. For example, some of the kid’s toys, depending on the material they are made off (rubber balls, small plastic toys).

8. Save time making pasta

Who doesn’t like homemade pasta? Unfortunately, we use a lot of dishes and pans for just one meal. So to make your life easier you can use a pot specially designed for cooking pasta (with small holes on top of the cover pot to easily drain the water); therefore you will save time and you will have one item less for washing.

9. Clean different room every day

Divide your home into several parts and clean one of them each day (bathroom, kitchen, vacuuming, mopping). It might take longer but you won’t get tired.

10. Have fun while cleaning

Have fun! Do not take cleaning as a boring duty. Just turn on a nice music and enjoy what you do.


Cleaning at Home Can be Fun

  • Use baking soda and lemon to remove stains from your clothes;
  • Clean traces of make-up powder with a conventional shaving foam;
  • If you want to remove a stain of red wine, pour white wine on the stain and then rub with baking soda;
  • Use a safety razor for all types of excessive lint that remains on the clothing.


You Can Use Your Fridge Not Just to Store Food and Beverages

  • Pack your favourite sweater in a bag, wrap it nice and then put it in the fridge for 3-4 hours; this way it will not stretch and twist when you will wear it;
  • New shoes, but they a bit tight. There is a solution for that as well. Fill up a zip-lock bag with water, close it well and put it in the shoe that is tighter then leave the shoe in the fridge overnight.

We hope that we gave you some efficient tricks how to save your precious time while cleaning at home and keep your place tidy and neat. If you need a professional help for cleaning your property, do not hesitate to contact us on 020 3637 7737 or use the contact form.